CodeGorilla Bootcamp

For me, the existence of the CodeGorilla bootcamp has been a true blessing for me. Having not been able to do my former job as a 3D artist for more than a year due to physical RSI-like problems, I was in a tough situation. My sickness benefits had stopped and going into the regular social welfare meant I had to focus on non-ICT jobs I still could do, instead of focusing on improving my situation to get a job that I actually want to do (like working in gamestudios). I needed more time to develop my new workflow of programming by voice and also to develop myself towards a professional programmer in general. Fortunately, CodeGorilla has been there to provide me with the time and space that I needed.

The start of the bootcamp was a bit rough, as I passively followed the group and what I thought was expected of me. As the bootcamp was meant to train ourselves towards webdevelopers, this is what we got. But since I want to make games and interactive experiences, I did not do what I wanted to do the most. Rob, one of the coaches at CodeGorilla inspired me to draw my own path and make a plan for myself what I really wanted to do. I was pleasantly surprised that I was given the confidence and freedom to separate myself from the group and solely focus on Unity C# development by self-education.

A great majority of the time I have spent on working on a Unity3D game based on a voxel engine which was created from scratch by following a tutorial. In the 2,5 months that I’ve worked on this project, I have learned more than I ever did in the last few years where I did programming mainly as a hobby. I hope the internship will be just as educating and due to the time spend at CodeGorilla I am confident that I will get a job again in which I can pursue my passions.

Location: Emmen, The Netherlands
Hackathon Harderwijk where our CodeGorilla team won prize for 'Best Commerical'