Plokko Designer Tool

I designed and programmed a tool in Unity3d to very quickly create organic designs using the Plokko connector and rods. This means that the design process went from days/hours to minutes. The tool accepts a low polygon 3D mesh in obj format and converts it into Plokko's autogenerating all unique connectors in printable stl format and outputting various usefull files and data.

With one click the tool can:

  • generate all required STL files ready for 3d print.
  • create a unique code for each connector arm and imprint it in the actual 3d geometry
  • generate high resolution screenshots with building instructions
  • automatically adjust the connector arm length so the design only uses unified rod lengths (5cm, 10cm, 15cm etc)
  • show a real-time 3D preview
  • create additional information files (print time, cost estimation, total rods used etc)
  • warn the user about possible design issues
Client: Plokko / Ludento BV
Year: 2017-2018
Software: Unity3D, OpenSCAD
URL: Plokko Website