Plox Creator

During my time at CodeGorilla I have mostly been working on this voxel game. I started out from the excellent voxel engine tutorial by AlexStv in which I learned a lot. I extended upon this base while following new tutorials and using the newly gained knowledge as new features into the game. As such, I have gained much knowledge about the following topics:

  • Inheritance / Polymorphism
  • Unity UI system
  • JSON parsing
  • Server/Database connection (PHP / MySQL)
  • Voxel Engine
  • Saving persistant data
  • Game mechanics
  • Clean/reusable code

The game plays like the creator mode of Minecraft in which you can generate a landscape and modify it to your will. I have spent most of my time on the Magic Box which enables you to save and download user-generated content to an online database using JSON, PHP and MySQL. I want to launch the game soon so everybody can play and share their creative ideas.

Client: CodeGorilla
Year: 2017
Software: Unity3D
URL: Video Dev Blog