About Me


Being a creative person, I like to draw and paint both in tradional media and on the computer. Apart from doing concept design this also enables me to make abstract ideas visual to myself and others which helps in finding creative solutions for technical problems.

Problem solver

Solving problems is one of the greatest satisfactions for me. No matter how difficult the problem, I know there is a solution waiting to be found. The biggest challenge I have tackled so far is the fact that I have been faced with serious RSI-like problems which prevents me from doing my former job as a 3D artist in a traditional way. While I was recovering, I have found and developed a way to do programming using voice recognition software. Please visit my Youtube channel to see my workflow in action.


Starting from a hobby, I have managed to educate myself up to a professional 3d artist working for several game studios and visualization companies for 5 years. Currently I am interested in building a career as game developer/designer using Unity C#


Although I am mostly a quiet person while working, I have no problem starting conversations with unfamiliar people. Having done several solo trips through Europe, using Couchsurfing and Blablacar, it has taught me how to be social among various social circles.

Name: Paul van der Laan
Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Email: p.vanderlaan@hotmail.com
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